Maximum Potential

IMG_20160123_132225Maximum Potential is not your average gym or health centre. That’s because at Maximum Potential we don’t do average. We aim higher than that, much higher. We’re a Sports Conditioning Centre and aim to turn our nation’s sportsmen and women into the best athletes they possibly can be. We’re the only Centre of our kind in Scotland and we’re here to support those who are truly dedicated to reaching their own maximum potential.In almost every sport there are elite athletes and pathways for talented, young, aspiring athletes who are groomed to be the best in their sport from an early age. These young people enjoy the facilities, support and backing they need to succeed – the Scottish Institute of Sport at Stirling University and The Scottish School of Sport at Bellahouston Academy are prime examples of this.

However, there are many more enthusiastic athletes across the country who fall short of these standards or who have been dropped from their programmes but are still determined to develop further in their chosen sport. Football, rugby, swimming, hockey, tennis, weightlifting, track and field athletics, triathlon, sailing, cycling… all these sports have people who are better than average, but who don’t have the support or facilities they need. Where can these athletes go? Reluctantly back into the club system run by enthusiasts. If they want strength and conditioning work, what options do they have? Only their ‘Average Joe’ gym, pushing the latest industry craze. If they need sports injury advice, where can they go? Their doctor’s waiting room.

There are thousands of incredibly keen sportsmen and women In Scotland who struggle on, doing their utmost to be the best they can be – whether they believe they can reach the top or just want to be the best club player possible. But with help from us, their sporting lives can be far more successful and ultimately much more rewarding.  
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