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Welcome to my website

Hi and thanks for checking out my website. This is the bit where write about me, my sport, my achievements and generally sound cool, I can't do that but I will tell you about how much I love the sport and the great companies that support me.

I first started Snowboarding late 2011 and got the bug instantly, there nothing that compares to the freedom of a mountain and the fresh air is good for you they say. After I got the bug I started trying to copy the good guys and tricks they could do and within a year I did my first competition in Manchester 2012.

I didn't do very well but it wasn't about the competition it was just so cool riding with some amazing riders who over the time have become friends and some that I ride and train with today. After that competition I decided Freestyle was my goal and to try and get good.

Over the last few years I have been quite successful with some great podium finishes but its not about where you finish its about the laugh I have with my friends, all the guys I ride with are positive and encourage everyone whether at a competition or just riding for fun.

I spend a lot of time at Bearsden Ski Slope training twice a week and am lucky to be part of the Park & Pipe Academy which allows me to train in places like Austria & Switzerland with the rest of the team.

I am also really lucky to have some great sponsors and supporters, apart from my mum, dad and gran there are some amazing companies who help me out all years round please go take a look at them.

Tignes Spirit - My Shop Sponsor, these guys basically do everything for me and there is nothing to much to ask for. Check out their page

Endeavor Snowboards - Board Sponsor and I can assure you these boards are the best

Airblaster Outerwear - My outerwear Sponsor, everything I need to keep me warm, dry and protected from the elements on the mountains

Airhole Face Masks - Amazing facemasks not only keeps the cold and snow off me but also look pretty sick too.

Barmy Dog Clothing The Barmy team are my first ever sponsor and have look after me so well from the start, they also do some amazing charity stuff around the work... go check them out

Forcefield Body Armour - Forcefield are a world known company for personal protection kit and without my back brace I would be taking a huge risk.